• Sales and Acquisitions

    Retail, Commercial and Industrial

  • Project Leasing

    Small to Large Scale Developments from Neighbourhood Shopping to Large Format Retail Centres and CBD to Strip Retail Precincts

  • Coordination Role

    Identifying the most appropriate vehicle via strategic alliances to market the property (if not RD Property), casting the widest possible net over the target audience.

  • Specialised Consulting

    Working closely with the Developers and Owners, identifying appropriate and best possible use of Land and/or buildings

  • Tenant Expansion - Relocation Strategies

    Tactical programs with major companies seeking to penetrate new markets or maintain their dominant market presence.

Welcome to Retail Direct Property Group

Retail Direct Property Group was first formed in 2002 by Nicholas Brown and
in 2014 was reformed with business partner and long term project team
member, Steven Black.

Core Focus

The core focus of the business is project leasing assignments ranging from large format retail centres and precincts, convenience, strip retail and service centres, from small neighbourhood centres and fast food precincts through to large mixed use retail commercial projects in locations throughout the South East and greater Queensland.

Our Experience

Extensive experience in the commercial property sector has been gained by both directors throughout their careers spanning over 20 years each, including major focus in the areas of lease and sales transactions, tenant and landlord representation, site sourcing for both developers and tenants and establishing tenant mixes from both a design and functional prospective.

Our Directors

After careers contracting to some of the most respected agencies in the commercial arena, Retail Direct Property Group’s directors have come together to focus on delivering the highest results for their respective clients by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience, utilising refined skill sets and implementing market strategies requiered to achieve the desired outcomes.

Successful property solutions can only be driven by knowledge and expertise with a motivated attitude towards the desired outcome.

Retail Direct

Retail Direct are not only specialists in the retail sector, they are well seasoned in all categories. Their knowledge, experience and strategic alliances demonstrates our expertise resulting in successful transactions with tenants from small businesses to government departments, local tenant drawcards and national and multi national companies.

Major businesses we transact with include